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Extra large giant flowers design for special events. XXL Flowers and Decoration by Katya servicing Los Angeles, Orange County & San Diego. Big flowers or giant flowers designed specially to make any event a lasting memory. Customized giant flower designs by Katya for a baby shower, wedding planner, nursery rooms, shops, displays, conventions, parties, photo sessions, interior decorations, office, home, and staging.

The latest hot trend in Europe- Extra, Extra Big flowers that will make a definite statement at your next event! Light weight and durable, these flowers can be shaped into various designs, and you can choose the perfect color to match your theme! Display these beauties at weddings or other special events. Wow your guests at the entrance to welcome them in style, decorate a ballroom with a festive touch, or transform a dining area……all with timeless elegance. Even at smaller venues, a beautiful Extra, Extra Big Flower will be sure to impress! Call Design by Katya to order your custom design.



Welcome to your go-to Floral Design store in Orange County! We specialize in beautiful one-of-a-kind designs that are very different from the wedding paper flowers you see at some celebrations. Our gorgeous wedding flower arrangements provide a stunning backdrop to your special day. Whether you are looking for big wedding flower arrangements or more subtle pieces, we are here to help. Let us implement your vision or create a unique design that will wow you and your guests!

Here are some examples of our customized wedding flower arrangements by your local floral design store in Orange County. Make a statement at your nuptials with these big wedding flower arrangements that will have your guests talking for weeks! (use with Big Flower examples in Gallery)

Our regular wedding flower decorations are made of fine silk with a life-like quality. In contrast, our big wedding flower arrangements are made of foam and can be shaped into various styles of flowers. But don’t worry, they won’t look like wedding paper flowers. Each flower is expertly shaped by hand and can be dyed to any number of colors to match your color palate. Just ask us what look you want for your wedding flower arrangements and contact your floral design shop in Orange County today!



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